"Dear Dr. Drach, Being a physician myself I know that being a good doctor requires high professionalism, kindness and sense of of responsibility for the patient.

When I visited you for a routine checkup a year ago I was really impressed by your professionalism, however, I listened to my Mom's advice to visit her doctor who had promised to do the needed dental work for me for three times cheaper. A year later, with severe complications from the poor quality (but Cheap) treatment I am back to you. I've learned my lesson. From the bottom of my heart - Thank you Dr. Drach."

MN, M.D, Ph.D.

Before & After ...........................to Create A Great Smile!

"I had been working to build a career in voice-over and on camera commercial work. I was getting lots of auditions and no jobs.
My new veneers look marvelous. In fact, the first audition my agent scheduled for me after you repaired my teeth, I got!
The job was a brochure for a national, very upscale retirement community so you will see me smiling all over the country.
Thank you Dr. Drach – I love the job that you did!"

Donna V.

"Before Invisalign, my picture was taken at my sister’s wedding – that picture (and any others that showed me smiling) ended up missing because I destroyed them.

I would often hide my smile.

Invisalign was a very easy process. I have friends who wore traditional braces for years to correct similar problems that Invisalign took only months to fix."

Jessica K

"I am no longer afraid of the dentist – Dr. Drach has won my confidence!"

Linda M

"I am very happy with my new teeth. Dr. Drach set me up with two new and well fitting crowns after a pair of root canals. Where there had been pain and swelling there is now only a good sensation. Dr. Drach has been my favorite in my life’s tour of dentist chairs. I’ve had three root canals and fifteen fillings dealing with five different dentists. Dr. Drach’s ability and professionalism surpasses them all."

Dan C